Promoting First Relationships

Promoting First Relationships

About PFR


Promoting First Relationships is an evidence-based program designed by Dr. Jean Kelly at the University of Washington to help parents support their babies' social and emotional development and healthy attachment. A baby's sense of self, sense of others, and sense of safety and security, develops within the context of their first relationships.  


This program is best for first time parents with newborns who feel a unsure about how to support their baby's social and emotional development, feel like they can't always tell what their baby needs, have questions about their development, or just need some reassurance and encouragement. 


I offer Promoting First Relationships as home visits, or in my office. One of the foundational elements of PFR is video-feedback, where I take a short video of you and your baby, then we watch it together, and we reflect together on ways that you are supporting your baby's social-emotional development. Although it may seem awkward to watch yourself on video, it is a really powerful and effective way of validating the things you are doing well, and reflecting on ways you could better connect with your baby. 

Fee: $40/office visit, $45/home visit. The full-length program is 10 weeks (hour long visits), but I will tailor the Promoting First Relationships material to your needs. Typically, families meet with me for 3-5 visits. Together, we can look at the topics and decide how many weeks feels right for your family.